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Solar2 secured planning permission to develop a solar farm on farm land to the West of Fowlis, Invergowrie, around 4km north west of Dundee at postcode DD2 5LN.

Berryhill Solar Farm

  • is located in an area with potential for solar development, as identified in Angus Council’s Supplementary Planning Guidance
  • will generate clean, renewable energy through photovoltaic (PV) solar panels

Public Engagement

We spoke to local people, the community council and other community stakeholders in the area surrounding the proposed solar farm, to discuss the project and the community benefit fund.

Consultation with the public took place both online and in person, in line with the wishes of the local community and following advice from Scottish Government. Solar2 hosted:

  • a Zoom call on 10th June 2021 
  • a public exhibition at Fowlis Easter Hall on Saturday 12th June 2021 attended by the project team 

The Zoom call presentation and exhibition boards can be viewed/downloaded from the News section - see below.

The Proposal

The Berryhill Solar Farm will:

  • Comprise of approximately 152,000 individual solar panels mounted on racks and arranged in rows. The top of the panels would be approximately 3m off the ground and would face south, at an angle of up to 30 ĚŠ.
  • Supply power directly into the grid, with an export capacity of up to 49.9MW (megawatts).
  • Generate enough electricity (45GWh) to meet the needs of around 1 in 5 of Angus’s homes* - 12,500.**
  • Offer a community benefit package that will be shaped by local people.
  • Offset approximately 20,230 tonnes of CO2 per year.***
  • Contribute to meeting Scotland’s ambitious ‘net zero by 2045’ targets.


*Angus Council Area Profile ( Source: Estimates of Households and Dwellings inScotland, 2019, Table 1
**Source: Homes Powered Equivalent calculated using the most recent statistics from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

***Source: RenewableUK uses BEIS’s “all fossil fuels” emissions statistic of 446 tonnes of carbon dioxide per GWh of electricity supplied.

Our Programme

March 2021

  • Proposal of Application Notice (PAN) lodged with Angus Council.

April 2021

  • launch of Berryhill Solar Farm website
  • Community consultation meetings with community representatives and individuals start.

May 2021

  • Environmental Surveys completed.
  • Ongoing consultation meetings with communities and individuals.

June 2021

  • Ongoing consultation meetings with communities and individuals.
  • Zoom call on 10th June  -  presentation followed by Q&A with project team.
  • Public exhibition at Fowlis Easter Hall on 12th June - attended by 53 members of the public and the Solar2 project team
  • 19th June 2021 feedback closed, collated and analysed.
  • Ongoing meetings with individual householders.

July 2021

  • Planning application lodged with Angus Council. Reference 21/00535/FULM
  • Meeting with Community Council.

February 2021

  • The Application, although recommended for Approval was refused at Committee on 08 Feb 2022.

July 2022

  • An Appeal Application (Ref. PPA-120-2060) was lodged with the Scottish Government Planning and Environmental Appeals Division.

September 2022

Solar2 is very pleased to confirm that the Scottish Government has granted planning consent for the construction of Berryhill Solar Farm. This project will make a meaningful contribution to Scotland's Renewable Energy Generation target, and will help the UK in its aspirations of increasing home grown energy production and improving the security of its energy supply.  

Details of the appeal can be found on the Scottish Government website. 

We are confident that, when built, the project will become an accepted and appreciated addition to the local area with the offered community benefit fund helping local projects and charities.

About the Project

Project partners

Solar2 is a specialist energy developer, founded in 2019 by Paula and Gerry Jewson, former owners of West Coast Energy.

The founders, together with the Solar2 team, have a substantial track record in the successful development of renewable projects throughout the UK, being responsible for the delivery of more than 1GW of renewable energy.

For more information on Solar2 please visit

Project benefits

The project will deliver equivalent electricity to  power one in five of the homes in Angus.*

Economic benefits

The development will create direct and indirect economic benefits including:

  • Local jobs during construction
  • A range of contracts available for tender – local companies will be encouraged to apply
  • The potential for local jobs once the solar farm is operational

Community benefits

Once operational, Berryhill Solar Farm will generate an annual community benefit fund worth £500 for every megawatt (MW) of export capacity on the site, this could generate a fund in the region of £25,000 per annum, circa £1 million over a 40 year operational life.

The community benefit fund will be agreed with the Muirhead, Birkhill & Liff Community Council.

Your ideas for how you’d like to see the Berryhill community benefit fund used locally?

We heard from individuals and local groups about their ideas for how a Berryhill Solar Farm community benefit fund could work for the benefit of the local community around the farm. We spoke to the local community council - Muirhead, Birkhill & Liff – about how the fund might be managed.

We will continue to meet with local groups and community representatives to seek your input as the project progresses.

*Angus Council Area Profile ( Source: Estimates of Households and Dwellings inScotland, 2019, Table 1


08.02.2022 Planning Application

Following submission of the planning application, the scheme had Planning Permission Refused at the Planning committee meeting on the 8th February 2022.    Solar2 are in the process of assessing options.

Berryhill Solar Farm Ltd has submitted a Planning Application to Angus Council on 7th July 2021 for Installation of a Solar Photovoltaic Array (PV) with an Export Capacity of not more than 49.9MW and Ancillary Works at Field 300m West of Grange of Berryhill, Invergowrie.

Angus Council has now validated the application Reference 21/00535/FULM and it can be found here 

A project update News Letter which explains how Solar2 have responded to the matters raised by local people during the community consultation and public exhibition is posted below.

Public Exhibition display now online

The pop up banners that were prepared for the Public Exhibition on Saturday 12th June, can be viewed here or downloaded as a PDF file (4MB).

Zoom call

A Zoom call took place on 10th June 5.00-7.00pm. The presentation by Solar2 can be downloaded below.


Local people who attended the public exhibition on 12th June and who sent in feedback and questions via the website, have helped to draw out the main issues that we are considering as part of our survey work. Read the FAQ below.

Site visit

On Friday 18 June 2021, several members of Muirhead, Birkhill & Liff Community Council visited a working solar farm at Errol, to see it at first hand.

Solar farm that could power 1 in 5 homes in Angus, proposed near Fowlis Easter

A proposal for a solar farm near Dundee that could generate sufficient electricity to power 1 in 5 of Angus’s homes, is being developed by Solar2.

Berryhill Solar Farm will generate clean, renewable energy through photovoltaic (PV) solar panels.

It will comprise around 152,000 individual solar panels mounted on racks and arranged in rows.

Berryhill will supply power directly into the grid, with an export capacity of 49.9MW (megawatts), generating sufficient electricity to meet the needs of around 1 in 5 of Angus’s homes (note 2).

Located west of Fowlis and around 4km northwest of Dundee, the farm is expected to offset approximately 20,230 tonnes of CO2 per year (note 2).

There will be a community benefit package worth £500 for every megawatt (MW) of installed capacity on the site. Assuming an installed capacity of up to 50MW, this would mean a community benefit fund with an annual value of £25,000 a year, or £1 million over the 40-year, operating life of the solar farm.

Solar2, the developers behind the project, have now started a series of meetings to introduce the team, get initial feedback and answer questions.

Solar2 has listened to community views and taken advice from Scottish Government’s Chief Planner and Angus Council’s planning team and determined that it will be possible to hold a public exhibition  rather than  a purely virtual consultation.

Development Director, Neil Lindsay said, “We’re looking forward to this opportunity to meet local people so that they can speak directly to us and raise any questions that they may have about the project.”

Solar2 will now

  • host a Zoom call on 10th June 5.00-7.00pm, everyone is welcome to join. There will be a short presentation by Solar2 and people will then be able to ask questions of the project team. Details how to join will be posted here, in due course.
  • host a public exhibition at Fowlis Easter Hall, 2 Benvie Road, Fowlis Easter, Dundee, Angus D2 5SA on Saturday 12th June 2021 between 10.30am – 2.00pm when all Solar2  technical reports and visualisations will be completed (all of this information will also be on the website for those who cannot attend in person). The exhibition will be run in line with Covid-19 safe Government guidance (social distancing, face coverings, limit on numbers inside at one time).

As part of the consultation with local people, Solar2 will be taking comments and questions up to 19th June 2021 inclusive. Solar2 expect to submit a planning application in late June 2021, after the public consultation is completed.

It should be noted that comments made to Solar2 during the pre-application consultation are not representations to the planning authority and if Solar2 submits an application, there will be an opportunity to make representations on that application to the planning authority.


Contact and Feedback

If you have any questions you’d like answered, please email us at 

Feedback has now closed and the planning application has been submitted to Angus Council. Formal representations can now be made via the Council's Planning Portal. The reference number is 21/00535/FULM

Privacy statement

By filling in this form, you are agreeing that Pagoda PR Ltd can hold and process your personal data on behalf of Solar2, in relation specifically to the public consultation on the proposed solar farm at Berryhill.  Pagoda PR will ONLY share your personal data with Solar2 and their planning team, for reporting  purposes. Your identifiable, personal data will not be used for any other purposes without your consent. Pagoda PR will use your data on behalf of Solar2, to:

  • Send you updates about the project (where you provide us with your contact details).
  • Develop a Pre-Application Consultation Report (or similar document) about this public consultation that will be submitted to Angus Council; this will be a publicly available document. Your comments will be anonymous.
  • Contact you by email (only if you provide us with your contact details).
  • Contact you to ask you more about the comments you’ve made (only if you provide us with your contact details).

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